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Tenses (1) ESL test for intermediate level students

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I ......... come if I had had time. (a) have (b) had (c) would have (d) did esl test: tenses (1) (questions)

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This time tomorrow you ......... sitting in a deck chair on the beach. (a) are (b) were (c) will (d) will be esl test: tenses (1) (questions)

English Grammar Lessons & Stories

esl lesson plans in 6 short stories with exercises

Simple Present Present Continuous

Before you telephoned, I ......... watching television.

Future Tense Articles in English

(a) was

Progressive Forms

(b) will be

Passive Voice

(c) am

Relative Pronouns

(d) have

Prepositions Adverb

esl test: tenses (1) (questions)

Adverbs Types Indirect Speech

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Conjunctions Conditionals

have you ever heard about phrasebase?

Subjunctive Reflections

After the storm ......... finished, many people were found lying in the street.

Verb Make or Do?

(a) has (b) had (c) were (d) did esl test: tenses (1) (questions)

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Phrasal verb bring Phrasal verb fall Phrasal verb get

english for beginners

Phrasal verb go Phrasal verb hold

Tomorrow we ......... taking the day off.

Phrasal verb look Phrasal verb run

(a) will

Phrasal verb take

(b) have

One Thing Or Another

(c) were

Saying It Twice

(d) are

Colour Idioms Cool Expressions

esl test: tenses (1) (questions)

Book Expressions 1528 English Grammar Exercises — Printable, photocopiable.

Word Story: Health

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Word Story: Jokes Word Story: Dictionary

language is a cycle

Word Story: Search Engines Word Story: Weather

Where did you ......... for your holiday in the end?

A matter of degree Gerund or Infinitive

(a) went

Are you a nitpicker?

(b) gone

The scariest thing

(c) go

Hooked up

(d) going

Just me and English Start or begin?

esl test: tenses (1) (questions)

How to learn English british vs. american english

Language is a Cycle Characteristics of English British vs. American English

I must admit you ......... tried but I'm afraid the answer is still no.

How I learned English Englishes on CNN

(a) did

French or English?

(b) will

A Rhapsody of Words

(c) do

Sea Expressions

(d) have

Are you fancy free? esl test: tenses (1) (questions)

Well, Hello! Womens' Day

want to learn english language through hip-hop?

Three Letters for you That time of year

Sometimes I wonder if I ......... ever succeed.

The Name of the Game

(a) do (b) shall (c) am (d) were esl test: tenses (1) (questions)

vocabulary games: english adverb quiz

How many times ......... you been there? (a) has (b) will (c) have (d) did esl test: tenses (1) (questions)

esl english vocabulary: verb noun adjective lists

She's ......... working there since she left school. (a) had (b) done (c) have (d) been esl test: tenses (1) (questions)

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ESL test: Tenses (1)

Learn how to explore English words! Start your FREE email English course now! Web search Tenses (1) ESL test for intermediate lev...

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